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When I first started our small batch biz, I'd pound + grind all of our spices and seeds by hand, using various mortar and pestles collected over the years.

A real labour of love and the true meaning of what a 'small batch artisan' really evokes.

Producing a range of condiments through a more hands-on approach, I guess you could say...slow food.

I can recommend that this pounding method is a great way to smash out any's rather a cathartic process.

However, we've grown and the whole hands-on production just doesn't get the job done. So we've industrialised the whole process in TPW kitchen with some big boy food processors a few years ago now, to cope with the Dukkah demand.

I'm still constantly drawn and love the slower method of crushing spices + herbs in a mortar + pestle when cooking for my family. Or when I feel the need to smash something, a good crushing in the mortar and pestle works for me.

Keep an eye out for our new 100% recyclable Dukkah packaging... it's luxe 🖤


These beautiful images are taken by our very talented friend and local creative Jess @jessicaliebregtsphotography


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