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'Little things make the big things happen'


Our off-shoot and smaller sized trio of our brand, The Pickled Wife, are these same but different versions of everyone's favourite locally batched condiments.

These tiny trios are 'made to order' and will be perfect for all your...

• Hampers
• Picnics
• Wedding favours
• Bed + Breakfast stays
• Thank you gifts
• Tasting boards
• Grazing tables
• Teachers gifts
• Stocking fillers
• The perfect to post gifts (light + easy)

What size are these little ones, you ask?

The Little Pickle Sneak Peak-9567.jpg

Dukkah -


The Little Pickle Sneak Peak-9556.jpg

Hot Jam -


The Little Pickle Sneak Peak-9553.jpg

Green Tomato Pickle- 106g​

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