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Cream cheese with Pickled limes + smoked salmon + MICRO HERBS

One of my favourite ways to use our Pickled Limes, plus this recipe is so easy to make, which makes it perfect for when you're rushed for time but still yearning something delicious and healthy. The rich and buttery smokiness of the Salmon works so beautifully with our gorgeous zesty and bright Pickled Lime preserve, especially when blended into the creaminess of the cream cheese, it really is a winning combo! A beautiful spread the begs to be slathered onto slabs of sourdough, topped with micro herbs and a good grinding of black pepper, and you've got yourself a delicious and easy lunchtime healthy snack.


The Pickled Wife's - Pickled Limes (chopped finely)

Sourdough loaf - slice a good slab

Cream Cheese - 250g (at room temp)

Smoke Salmon - Tassal Hot Smoked Salmon - 150g

Micro herbs or fresh Dill

Rock salt + peppercorns (grind)


In a bowl, place half of the soft cream cheese and add half of one of the lime quarters from the jar (finely sliced), blend and taste. Add more as you go if you wish, this recipe really is one of those, make + taste as you go.

FYI - depending on how many people you're making the mix for, will depend on how much cream cheese and limes you add to the bowl. I tend to follow my palette and no real hard fast rule on quantities when making this recipe...this is how I often cook. So if your a lover of limes, add more as you go, but remember to balance out the cream cheese and lime quantities to suit your palette.

Season to taste with a good grind of rock salt + black peppercorns and mix together.

Slice sourdough into slabs. You can either serve mixture onto slabs of fresh sourdough or if you prefer, you can toast or griddle each slab.

Then spread the cream cheese mixture onto slabs of sourdough, topped with the Tassal Hot Smoked Salmon (be sure to take off the skin) and crumble over, adding a scattering of micro herbs or fresh dill and another good grind of black peppercorns to finish's that simple!

WIFEY NOTE The cream cheese mixture keeps well in the fridge and can be used with so many other food combinations. Add onto char-grilled strips of zucchini and roll-up! Or delicious stuffed into pickled chillies, smeared onto bagels with your filling of choice. Beautiful as a side dip for veg or crackers and makes a nice addition spread onto lasagna pasta sheets with roasted baked veg for a lush creaminess in your veggie bakes.

IMAGE CREDIT - Jessica liebregts Photography



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