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Growing up in the Great Southern region of Albany, I was surrounded by a strong focus on growing our own food and Mum who was an exceptionally good cook. Mum would preserve everything that was pulled from the earth or grown above from both my parents and neighbouring community gardens, so my love of good food was fostered at a young age. Those meaningful food memories have stayed with me and have nurtured a strong foundation and appreciation of preserving foods and the value those food connections shared.


The importance of passing on those generational food stories and recipes became more apparent to me once we started our own family, buying our first home and planting our first vegetable garden. Those food memories I so dearly treasured as a child became more important to me as our children began to appreciate the love of eating home-made meals, learning to cook hands-on in the kitchen with me and my husband, listening and creating our own food stories.


When my beloved Nan passed away, I became very aware of the importance in preserving those historical recipes and techniques that the women in our family have developed and handed down through the generations, that I so dearly loved indulging in as a child and continue to love to this very day. Food memories connect us all, an integral stitch in my story that inspired me to create our own brand. A product range filled with traditional family recipes, a long with an infusion of modern flavours that are incredibly satisfying. Plus the diversity and abundance of produce grown in our region makes my job as a value-adding artisan, an absolute pleasure. Creating a brand that ensures our families recipes would continue to be enjoyed by crafting a quality driven gourmet range that captures our regions seasonal produce, is a nurturing experience. I like to think of our food range as taking home a locally made gift, a food memory that shares a taste of the Southern Forests at your families table.. 

Our Patch
our patch

Our home town of Manjimup located in the lower South-West of Western Australia, known as the Southern Forests region, is where our family has called home for the past 30 years. A beautiful and unique place to raise our family where you'll find some of the most pristine forests and rugged coastline to spend your weekends exploring. A pocket of WA that has fast become a global tourism destination not only for the great outdoors but for the diverse culinary culture that's evolved from a passionate community and the rich and diverse agri-tourism in the second largest food bowl in the Southern hemisphere.


I feel very privileged and proud to be one of many local artisans sharing a genuine connection in working towards growing our region's strong artisanal food movement. Inspired by my own personal love of good food and the generations before me, I truly believe in the importance of value-adding to what us locals already know to be some of the best quality produce you'll find anywhere in the world. It's very humbling that we can create a beautiful range of products that showcases our region with authenticity, respect and love.

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