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spiced pickled cucumbers



A spicy, sharp and tart pickle, with a good kick of chilli and peppery hints, with loads of crunch. A kicker of a preserve that's the perfect condiment for your burger nights, BBQ's and cheeseboards. A great preserve for lovers of all things cucumber and jars full of punch!

100% natural - free from artificial colourings, preservatives and flavours. Gluten free. Locally sourced spray + pesticide free produce. Locally sourced ingredients. Vegan + Vegetarian + Paleo + Keto + friendly.


  • Perfect on your burgers and steak sandwiches and toasties

  • A must on your weekends charcuterie grazing boards paired with a good soft or hard cheese

  • A wonderful side condiment to amp up your summer BBQ's

  • Lovely to add with a simple cracker and cheese for a quick snack

  • Beautiful served alongside leftover cold roast meats

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