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A beautiful traditional style pickle that's been passed down in my family for five generations and a firm family favourite in our range. A beautiful condiment that shares subtle sweet mustard and curry flavours, with hints of lingering warmth from the bouquet garni of spices. Our family's generational pickle has fast become a favourite pantry staple and won't disappoint all you pickle lovers. 

100% natural - free from artificial colourings, preservatives and flavours. Spray + pesticide free local produce. Locally sourced ingredients. Paleo + Keto + Vegetarian/Vegan friendly.


  • Perfect smothered on your burgers and steak sandwiches

  • A must on your weekend charcuterie grazing boards paired with a good soft or hard cheese

  • A wonderful side condiment to amp up your summer BBQ's

  • Slather a good amount onto your next silverside, ham or pastrami and cheese sandwich

  • Lovely served as a side condiment with left over roast meats and salad

  • Pork sausages love being served with this traditional family pickle

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