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Our beautiful home-grown + spray free Pickled Limes are perfect shared with a soulful curry, seafood or a healthy grain dish. But we've discovered another way to use our beautiful limes for a refreshing Friday tipple

that's sure to impress and have you stashing a jar of these gorgeous limes in your shopping basket for a sneaky cocktail or two.


Pickled Limes (strong flavour, add to taste)


Mineral or Tonic water


Fresh charred limes

Fresh herbs from your garden...something like a sprig of mint or lemon thyme or rosemary works well


~ Scoop approx 1 tsp of the Pickled Limes inner soft flesh into your fancy pants cocktail glass + a whole peppercorn + chilli from the jar for a more complex flavour twist, p.s.I like to drizzle some of the syrupy luxe juice from the jar for more of a kicker! See note for the perfect slushy blend.

~ Pour 1/2 or full shot of Gin into your fancy gin glass, however I've discovered that shots differ strangely enough from 35-50mls. I'm more of a pour + look kind of gal, so I guess your pour measure depends on how your week has rolled may need a double shot pour!

~ Fill your glass with your mixer of choice, stir and add ice

~ Add a small sprig of fresh herbs into the mix depending on what you've got growing in your garden. Also a side garnish of home-made charred fresh sliced lime for that extra smokiness + fancy pants cocktail presentation

NOTE Adding desired amount of these vibrant pickled limes into a blender with all of the above ingredients (except the charred lime garnish + fresh herbs) and blitz until mix is like a cocktail slushy, works really well ensuring the limes are blended through evenly.


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